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Languages We Teach

We teach lots of languages such as English, Chinese, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Korean
,Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian , Kiswahili and many more. 

ESL agency

We an agency for native English speaking teachers
From usa, uk, Australia, new Zealand and Canada. We provide education institutions where English is taught with native or near native speaking English teachers on volunteering basis or as full time teachers
We further more provide foreign teachers managerial services on behalf of schools. 

Tutorial Services

Tutorial services(physics, chemistry, biology, maths )for high school students
English, math, science, social studies –tutors for primary school students.
This is a door to door service, done by our professional tutors who ensure your child gets the grade A, as they deserve. 

Writing Services

Speech writing, report writing, documents editing is of paramount importance if precisely accurate communication is to be conveyed. We train our candidates how to get the knack of communicating through writing impressively and accurately.



We provide ;
c) Study materials to IELTS candidates. 


We provide ;
c) Study materials to TOEFL candidates. 


Not only do we deal with English exams but French international exams.
We provide ;
c) Study materials to the candidates. 

Diplomes approfondi de langue Française DALF
Diplome d ‘etudes en langue Française DELF
Test de connaissance du Français pour le Québec TCFQ
Test de connaissance du Français TCF
Test d’evaluation du Français adapte’ pour le Québec TEFAQ
Test d’evaluation du Français TEF 

Materials and Activities

We supply study materials

Study materials (books and softwares)
We provide language teaching softwares, books, audio and video cds and regalia. These are all benchmarked on global language teaching standards.  

Study Trips

All work, no play makes jack a dull lad! We believe in recreation after hard work is done, we therefore have various study trip packages for our students who want to practice languages learned and at the same time get a feel of the culture related to those languages. All post advanced students can sign up for our periodic English language and cultural immersion study trips to USA, UK, CANADA, NEW ZEALAND AND AUSTRALIA.

Public Speaking

In this era, the art of public speaking is inevitably a skill needed by everyone! We therefore train various people such as politicians, ministers, business people and the likes, the art of public speaking and oratory .

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